Limited advertising opportunities available for local businesses!

Place your advert for 6 MONTHS from as little as £50.

Want to advertise in the HU12 post code area ? It's easy:

1) Choose the ad size you like from below;

2) Send us the ad as a jpg file ready to go with the link to your website. Email it to us at (if you want help designing your Ad then please ask. We can take an appropriate image 'snip' off your website and use that as a click-through advert);

3) Tell us in the email how long you would like the ad to run - 30 days, or 6 months. All prices stated are for 30 days;

4) We email you a bill with options on how to pay;

5) One thing: First come, first served. The first ads get the top positions. Your ad will be at the bottom and move up as other ads run out of date. If your ad stops running, the next time you insert it, it will be at the bottom;

6) All ads must be paid in full before we start running them on;

7) Your ad is up and running for hundreds to see every day - with a link to your own website!

Banner Size 970 x 90 - £30

See property prices for free

Advertising to support local traders and the local economy.

WE HAVE IMPROVED our Advertising Offer on HU12:

HU12, the Hedon Blog and Business Pages get hundreds of local visitors every day. This is an opportunity to reach that large and growing online community with your message.

Whilst the fundamental role of these websites is to provide local information, then a major secondary role is to encourage residents to buy locally from local traders and help build the wealth of our local economy. That is why we will limit any advertising to predominantly local businesses.

The other advantage of running paid-for adverts is that it allows the websites to invest some money into promotional materials and help build our local audience even further.

We hope that you help yourselves - and help us - through advertising with HU12 and be acknowledged for your support on the Hedon Blog.


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